How We Work

Our Approach

Concept To Delivery

Our full-service construction project approach manages all elements of planning, design, and construction. Mocan Group’s design-build process provides a context for faster and better results for our clients.


The foundation of our process is a strategy component that understands each client’s needs, envisions what success looks like, and plots the best course to make it happen. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we devise customized design and construction solutions.


Our team of architects and engineers provide a comprehensive review and assessment process. We blend principles of form and function, guided by a design strategy that seeks to capture the most project value possible. Not to mention working with budgets is one of our specialties.


Building represents the culmination of a process that is already optimized to deliver the best- in-class results. Having a single point of contact creates superb efficiency and eliminates complexity-based challenges. Client feedback allows for improved satisfaction.

Benefits of our design-build approach

  • Faster delivery, thanks to a collaborative focus that supports a team-based approach with fewer productivity barriers or gaps in management.
  • Lower costs based on efficiency gains from reduced procedural redundancy and decreased administrative burden.
  • Higher quality, a natural byproduct of a process aligned to meet performance needs, rather than minimum design requirements.
  • Reduced risk concentrated within a single entity and managed with improved efficiency and insights.
  • Improved client satisfaction supported by start-to-finish process visibility that encourages client feedback and allows implementation of adjustments as needed.


Mocan Group has expertise in a wide variety of commercial and residential projects. Contact us to begin a conversation about your project, or to get an estimate – we look forward to sharing how we can make your project a reality.

“Our experienced design-build team is available to be your construction expertise partner. You've come to the right place for expert guidance, from start to finish.”

– Moe Powers, Founder & CEO