MOCAN offers comprehensive design services to create visually appealing spaces while enhancing functionality. Throughout our design process, we incorporate the needs and desires of our clients to ensure they can utilize the finished space exactly as they initially envisioned. From residential remodelling to commercial building construction, our design team possesses the skill and attention to detail necessary to plan every detail of your project. Our team of Engineers, Architects and Designers will insure your project is on the right track.
"Design is the foundation for every project" - Moe Powers CEO & Founder.

3D Renders

Get a detailed look of your building before construction with our 3D rendering services. We offer high quality 3D images that bring to life the architecture and elements planned in the design phase of our projects. We produce 3D renderings for building exteriors, interiors, floor plans, and more. See your spaces come to life prior to groundbreaking to ensure all details meet your expectations.

Green Architecture

Green architecture design utilizes energy efficient design elements as well as sustainable building products. Using green architecture, we can construct a building that incorporates energy efficient design features that will allow future occupants to lower energy consumption and reduce the operational costs of the facility. Sustainable building materials are used to lower the carbon footprint of the construction process as well as improve the overall efficiency of the finished structure. Green architecture allows us to create buildings that have a positive impact on the environment around them while generating cost savings for building owners.

Engineering/Architectural Design

At Mocan, we design custom buildings constructed to meet the needs of your business. Our architectural design and engineering services create spaces designed specifically for the processes which will take place inside. Use custom architectural design and engineering to enhance the utility and functionality of your new facility, which can benefit building owners by improving efficiency and productivity.


Our interior and exterior design services create unique facilities developed specifically for your business. Whether you are searching for a basic look or something completely custom, our team designs with your needs in mind. Our interior and exterior design services utilize quality building products to construct durable, lasting finishes inside and out. Use our interior and exterior design services to give your facility a custom look, enhance the workplace environment, and more.