As CEO of Mocan Group, Moe is responsible for providing the company's strategic leadership, and for ensuring customers, business partners, and employees enjoy an exceptional experience with Mocan.

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Having worked and lived in both Canada and the United States, Moe is familiar with the unique characteristics and business environments that define operations in Mocan Group’s focus cities. He has successfully directed new construction projects for a variety of enterprise and organizational clients, including a long list of restaurant franchise locations.

Moe's knack for solving problems has served him well in an industry that prioritizes keen anticipation and agile response to business challenges. He is passionate about seeing projects through to completion and creating strong relationships along the way: he is a consistent advocate for his customers' satisfaction and dedicates himself to ensuring they have a great experience.

Moe's prior career is marked with other successful entrepreneurial ventures in the business and sales, security, and commercial construction industries. Outside of his work, Moe is involved in his local community.